About us





«Belsar» is a russian company, that supplys agricultural products. We work in Saratov, river Volga region.

Our company was founded in 2009. We export from our region:


  • Yellow peas

  • Chickpeas

  • Vetch


  • Green lentils

  • Red lentils

  • Coriander seeds

  • Cumin seeds

?Oil seeds:

  • Rape seeds

  • Black russian sunflower seeds

  • Large black russian sunflower  seeds 3,6+, 3,8+. 4,0+

  • Safflower seeds

  • White mustard

  • Yellow mustard

  • Flax seeds

  • Soya seed

  • Milk thistle seeds

  • Lupine seeds

  • Camelina sativa seeds


?Cereals and grains:

  • Dehulled millet

  • Yellow millet

  • Red millet

  • Buckwheat

  • Dehulled buckwheat

  • Barley

  • Spelt

  • Emmer

  • Durum wheat

  • Rye

  • Feed wheat

?Animal and bird feed:

  • vetch

  • fodder peas

  • safflower seeds

  • flax seeds

  • milk thistle seeds

  • red millet

  • yellow millet

  • yellow corn

  • red sorgum

  • white sorgum

  • barley

  • buckwheat

  • fodder wheat

  • rye

  • feed wheat


, using safe for human health, modern, environmentally friendly production technologies.
Basic principles of our work:

  • To buy goods from local market,;

  • To make it to suit required characteristics of humidity and purity;

  • To control it’s suitability to Russian standard GOST or quality requariments of customer;

  • To check the pollution by heavy metals, pesticides, GMO and others

     prepare documentation for export;

  • To organize delivery of goods to our customers.


The price will be according FCA, CPT , DAP, FOB  after receipt of the quality requirements for the customer product characteristics. Compliance with quality standards for security of the European Union. We are happy to show you our production!